• Do you want to grow your knowledge and achievements with horses?
  • Imagine having your own mini horse business!
  • Are you that special person to be part of something great? To help build an education pathway for young horse lovers that creates confident and capable horse riders into the future.
  • This club is only for those dedicated to being positive, excited to learn as much as possible and wanting to support each other to have a happy life with horses



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Review for these 3 books:

  • Horse Lovers First Book: Giddy Up Beginner Books (1)
  • How to ride a horse: Giddy Up Beginner Books (2)
  • Ready For Your First Horse?: Giddy Up Beginner Books (3)

Link 1 :

Link 2 :

Run Free! Heading to the Stables? Grab the reins and ride!

You are going to be a while, so take your cap you will need it, grooming kit to spoil your horse, notepad and pencil for all your bright ideas, your favourite book and a candle to light your way home.

All this in a beautiful bright and fun carry bag


1. Receive in the post your welcome pack of the How To Get Started Riding Guide, Development Pathway Pocket Guide, Giddy Up Beginner 3 book collection, Fun Pack with horsey sketchbook/sticker/bookmark/pencil/light pen and cap.
2. Receive a welcome email and access the Horse Riding Hub members site for more step by step resources, fun learning quizzes, step by step video and ongoing support.
3. Schedule your weekly progress call with Deb from the members site booking calendar.
4. Read the first two books “Horse Lovers First Book” and “How To Ride A Horse”
5. Review the books from the members site links.
6. Complete three Quiz Certificates for the pre-riding safety certificate and to test your knowledge on the two books.
7. Join Pony Club Australia membership. This is your exciting journey which enables access to eight certificates covering horse riding, training, behaviour and responsible ownership. Plus personal accident insurance (additional $110 – link in members site)
8. Register and complete the theory elements of the Pony Club Academy online E Proficiency Certificate (link in members site). The practical elements for this certificate will need to be completed at your nearest riding centre, which will give you industry recognised certificate achievement.
9. Congratulations! You are on your way to working through qualifications that can help you get work in the industry when you are ready.
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Over 40 years of experience

Debbie’s journey into the world of riding was inspired by her parents who have given her a wonderful childhood growing up with horses and farm life. This early enthusiasm grew into a lifelong passion which has seen Debbie become a highly experienced horsewoman, competitor, trainer, qualified coach, performer in the breathtaking 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, established horse riding school owner since 2006 and author of Giddy Up Beginner Books. 40 years later she continues to help create the future of sensible, knowledgable, competent horse riders.

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